Save Time & Money; Get a Marketing Plan!

Most people think marketing is a website, ads, brochures, or logos. They jump from initiative to initiative almost haphazardly. Then they wonder why it doesn’t work.

It’s because they don’t have a Marketing Plan.

A Marketing Plan is the overall vision of your marketing. It’s like a roadmap that you use as a reference tool to keep you in the driver’s seat. It is based on your business objectives, and will help you evaluate any marketing opportunities that come your way (so you won’t feel overwhelmed with all the tactics you could use.)
Main sections in a Marketing Plan usually include:

Objectives – what do you want to achieve with your marketing?
Target – who do you want to talk to? What do they want?
Competition – what are they doing, and how are you different?
Tactics – what you’ll do to achieve your objectives
Measurement – must be specific and realistic
Budget – may want to assign a certain amount per month/quarter, or per campaign

Having a marketing plan will help save you time in evaluating opportunities, and will help you avoid wasting money on tactics that don’t work for your business. And really, who wouldn’t like to save a little time and money?


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