Simplify Your Social Media

Are you using social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, or a blog (or thinking about it) but are finding it time consuming and overwhelming?

If so, welcome to the party! Social media can take up an immense amount of time and many wellness professionals find it so time consuming that they give up. Instead of throwing in the towel, you can simplify your social media by getting organized. Here are a few ways how.

Plan your posts
Social media seems like it should be spontaneous, but for businesses it shouldn’t be. If you want to save time and have messages that are varied as well as in the same tone you should plan them out ahead of time. (You can add any spontaneous posts as you go along.)

Find Content More Easily
The first step here is to use an RSS feed to curate/collect content (I use Google Reader). I could (and might one day!) write a whole article on content curation, but using an RSS feed is a good starting point.

Have an editorial calendar 
An editorial calendar for your social media can really save you time. It will allow you to;
Have all posts for Twitter, Facebook, etc. in one place
Know what subjects you’ve already posted on and what is coming up
Make sure you have a good variety of types of posts. (ie. informative, graphic, interactive)
I keep all my ideas in one document, then fill in the editorial calendar from it.

Establish a routine
Managing your social media works best with a regular investment of time. (notice I didn’t say a “big” investment!) After you’ve selected and set up your media, you can figure out what routine will work best for you. I try to do the following: monthly – review previous month’s posts and see what was most interesting to my followers, write and post a blog, weekly – check what events/ issues are timely and post/schedule posts on these, daily – check what people I’m following have posted and reply to posts, and on an ongoing basis I put blog/post ideas into my “Ideas” master document.

Schedule posts in advance or in bulk
Services like Hootsuite (link) allow you to schedule posts well in advance and post the same content in multiple places at once (ie. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). They also allow you to track numbers of clicks you get on each post.

Track posts
You might get tired of hearing that you should track everything *but* wouldn’t you rather give your potential and existing clients information they actually want? If you use a service like Hootsuite you can easily see what posts are most popular, and tailor your content appropriately.

Want to talk about your social media; one you’re currently using or are wondering about? Email me ( and I’d be happy to help!


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